We Help You Create A Great Customer Experience And Reduce Churn

Build and sustain strong customer relationships and increase retention with our leading customer success software.

Customer Retention is a Big Deal

Studies have shown that having a managed focus on customer retention:

    • Increases revenue over an 18 to 24 month period by as much as 80%+
    • Boosts total customer count by 1.5x or more
    • Decreases customer acquisition costs by up to 30%
    • Increases profits by 25 – 95% when retention increases by just 5%

Watch the brief explainer video below for an introduction to how Kilterly can help you achieve similar results.

Take Control Of The Customer Lifecycle

With Kilterly, any company regardless of size or type can tailor customer success management to its specific needs. Kilterly can help you:

  • Create a great customer success strategy built around the customer lifecycle.
  • Structure your team’s workflow to focus on and create accountability for retention and satisfaction.
  • Deliver the right messages at the right time to your customers using personalized campaign management tools.
  • Monitor the health of your customer relationships and alert you when things are getting off-kilter.

Customer Success Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Our objective is to make your job easier, not harder. Kilterly is intuitive, easy to use and can be deployed quickly. We help you with your implementation and training and offer ongoing support if and when you need it. And access to this powerful customer success solution is available from your phone, tablet or computer.

Gain Insight About Customer Engagement And Satisfaction

The most important customer is one you already have. Use our proprietary survey tool to conduct customizable surveys that generate important feedback and NPS scores, while using a unique language analyzer to help measure sentiment.

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Onboard and Nurture Customers More Effectively

Research shows that maintaining frequent contact with customers helps advance positive perceptions and feelings about your company. Use our robust automated campaigns tool to schedule and deliver regular loyalty building communication.

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Identify At-Risk Customers with Database Intelligence

How severe are your customers’ issues? How many issues do they have? How long do their questions take to get answered? How often are they logging in? We integrate with software platforms you’re already using to gather intel on the health of customer relationships.

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How can software build relationships?

By providing proactive communication that customers love, and by telling you when things are off-kilter allowing you to head problems off before they lead to churn. A best of breed software platform creates a solid framework for managing the customer experience and focusing on retention the right way. Kilterly was built based on best practices and a keen understanding of how the customer experience should be managed.

Kilterly product dashboard

Want a window into your customer’s mind?

Kilterly gives you a crystal clear view into who is engaged and who is ready to leave your company behind. Empower your customer success team and build top-notch customer loyalty. Let Kilterly tell you what is off kilter.