8 Quick-Win Customer Loyalty Strategies to Start Using ASAP

by Chris Arringdale Client Loyalty, Customer Experience, Customer Success

If you want to build a thriving business, you need to make one major asset a priority. Your customers.

Most companies put all their efforts and skills towards capturing leads, but if you lack in customer success and retention, all those leads who turn into customers won’t stick around for long and will be jumping ship fast. Your customers are keeping your business afloat (no pun intended) and if you want to keep that company rep high and the customer loyalty elevated, you’ll want to implement these eight quick-win strategies ASAP. Take a look:

  1. Leverage Customer Feedback Surveys

Surveys can be a useful tool for building and maintaining customer loyalty and engagement. Surveys are a great way to hear from your customers and get their opinion on your products, services, and customer relationships. It can help you develop engaging custom content for customer retention. Fair warning, there will be complaints, but this will help your team catch the pain points your customers have. Through surveys, your team can get to know the areas they’re not satisfied with and why. Adjusting and finding ways to develop in those areas will turn things around and ultimately improve your customer loyalty.

  1. Offer Educational Quick Tips and Videos

How can you make sure your customers feel informed and valued? Directly sending through emails that include quick tips or videos that help your customers learn about your product or improve their processes using the product. While you might assume your customers know everything about your product, everyone can benefit from quick tips to gain a better understanding or outlook on their tools. Doing this can make a significant impact on loyalty, especially to your newer customers who are just getting started. By sending quick tips, feature update alerts, and educational videos will help make your company stand out against competitors, simply by taking that extra step for your customers. This is also a great strategy to educate your customers – and gives them good reasons to continue working with you and not your competitors.

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  1. Automation to Re-engage Customers

Automation can be a time saver and help boost your customer’s engagement rate. Allowing your administrative tasks to be automated will help free up your customer success team’s calendar, and allow them to focus on building stronger relationships with customers and resolving critical issues with customers.

  1. Build a Community for Your Customers

What better way to bring your customers together than through a customer advocacy program? One quick way to encourage advocacy and community is by creating a discussion board or forum on your website. It can help retain customers because they’ll feel connected being among other customers. They can also ask questions and collaborate with others who use the product or service. It’s an excellent resource for your customers and can help your company build a better brand along the way.

  1. Evaluate Your Customers Health Score

Everyone seems to know about customer health scores nowadays, but can they calculate it? At Kilterly, we can offer a calculation and a user-friendly dashboard to monitor your customer’s health scores. The health score average allows you to monitor your customers ticketing score, usage score, and net promoter score (NPS), all in one place. While a customer health score isn’t a crystal ball, understanding your customers’ health is key to recognizing the accounts that are at risk, reducing customer churn, and renewing existing clients.

  1. Be Transparent and Honest From the Beginning

Did you know 94% of customers say that they are willing to stay loyal to a brand as long as they are transparent and honest with them from the start? That doesn’t mean you have to give every single piece of information over to your customers, but ensuring that all cards are laid out for them to see and the ability to get direct answers, will help build trust between you and your customers.

4 Ways to Provide Transparency to Your Customers:

  • Be upfront about your company, what it stands for, and the product you provide.
  • No one’s perfect. Show your vulnerability and be honest.
  • Identify issues your customers may have. Learn where you would benefit from being more forthcoming.
  • Actively ask for customer feedback and opinion.
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  1. Over-Deliver, Not Over-Promise

The biggest mistake you can make is giving your customers false hope and expectations. When you over-promise, you set your self and team up for failure, and your customers will take note. Instead, give them the expectations that are realistic and then surpass their expectations when you deliver. Setting achievable expectations will give your customers something to look forward to, and when you’re able to deliver more, they will be blown away. As you set and meet customer expectations, you’re empowering them. According to the Harvard Business Review, “customers want to be empowered, not controlled. You have to act with empathy.”

Fast Fact:

54% of customers with a negative experience towards a product or service will share this to at least 5 people in their network!

  1. Reward Referrals

When done well, referral programs can not only attract new customers but also help you retain ones you currently have. The key is to make sure your referral program is one that complements your brand while meeting your customers’ needs. Programs can include:

  • Reducing costs for both the referrer and the referred party
  • Reward points programs
  • Free products, upgrades, or other exclusive offers

When customers are encouraged to refer a friend, and the rewards are worth it, customers become advocates for your brand and can reach customers that may not have otherwise known of your company. Forty-nine percent of U.S. consumers say friends and family are their top sources of brand awareness.

Whether you’re a small startup or a fortune 500 company, using these quick-win strategies can help you retain your key customers and continue to build their relationship with your team. While these are not overnight fixes, you’ll start to see better results as your team implements these throughout their daily routines and processes. Interested in how Kilterly can help your automate and elevate your customer success? Get your free demo today!

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