A Customer-Centric Checklist All Your Teams Should Be Using

by Chris Arringdale Customer Success

Regular checkups are critical to the health of any organization, and ensure that things are running smoothly and that you identify any areas where preventative measures might be necessary to stop things from veering off course before it happens. Customer success teams, especially, already implement certain checks within their processes for exactly this purpose—neglecting the health of your customer relationships can lead to disastrous results—but it’s possible to take this a step further and pivot a department-specific checklist into a company-wide one that helps develop a culture which prioritizes customer success across all teams.

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Where to Look During Your Checkup

Just because something is typically associated with your CS team, doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant to other departments. Marketing, Sales, and Engineering all have a stake in customer feedback. Is there an issue you keep hearing from multiple clients? Engineering can fix it. Clients complaining they’re getting mixed messages? Marketing can streamline communication. Are they promised one thing from Sales but receiving something else? Coach your Sales team on how to manage expectations. Some key areas where you should be looping in other departments are:

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1. Renewals & Upselling

  • How can other departments help Customer Success teams reach their renewal goals?
  • How many opportunities did the CSM identify and pass along to Sales? Is there a disconnect between teams that needs to be addressed for better retention, renewal, and upselling?
  • Should Sales be a part of the process?
  • What have you learned from lost accounts that you can turn into opportunities for other departments? E.g, missing features, not properly highlighting specific aspects of your product or service.
  • How can other departments contribute to building high and wide customer relationships?

2. Customer KPIs & Metrics

  • Are Customer Success metrics and KPIs informing objectives in other departments?
  • Where are the gaps in the overall health of customers and how can other departments fill those gaps?

3. Customer Journey

  • Does every department understand the customer journey, and what are the key points or pieces of information prospective customers need along the way that other teams can provide?
  • Is there a plan in place for listening, analyzing, and acting on customer feedback as it affects each team?
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4. Spotting Trends

  • Are there similarities between customers that have not renewed? Why, and who can help solve these problems?
  • Can Engineering or Marketing fix common issues with a product or service, either in functionality or reframing the messaging, to avoid friction?
  • Have you had any CSMs leave? How is the health of the Customer Success team affected by other departments in the company? Are they not receiving the support they need?
  • What are the common frustrations or suggestions from customers and how can other departments help address and improve them?

5. Planning Ahead

  • Which teams can help Customer Success teams achieve their goals and how does meeting CS goals drive actions on other teams?
  • What is the impact of changes to the Customer Success plan on other departments?

6. Structure 

  • How is communication and collaboration between the following departments:
    • Leadership
    • Product/Dev/Eng.
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Customer Success

Framing Customer Success as a company-wide objective rather than the sole responsibility of your CSMs will create a more informed workforce, all working towards a common goal of reducing churn and creating the best possible product and customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. We’ve created a checklist you can download to use within your own organization. To get a better picture of your unique customer needs, schedule a demo with us today.

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