Author: Chris Arringdale

5 Relatable Struggles Your Customer Success Manager Has and How to Tackle Them


Customer success is considered a fairly new concept to both employees and customers alike. Because it’s still such a fresh idea, as a customer success manager, you’re likely still working to fully understand how to develop an effective customer success strategy and iron out the kinks of the challenges you face. With 76% of customers… Read more »

How a Stand-Out Onboarding Process Reduces Your Churn Rate


Customer success measures how well your customers reach their desired outcomes through your product or service. Helping your customers reach their goals requires a process that doesn’t rest solely on getting them up and running or putting out fires as they flare up; it involves every aspect of the customer lifecycle. There is one area,… Read more »

How Company-Wide Behavior Can Shape Customer Satisfaction


How important is customer satisfaction in your company culture? Put simply: very. The value of your customer success should be tangible throughout your company, emanating out from the CEO and trickling down through all departments and roles. And it starts with one thing: Behavior. So, how do you modify your organizational behavior to focus on… Read more »

4 Things Your New Customer Experience Manager Has To Have


Because Customer Experience is a new idea for a lot of businesses, you might be having a difficult time nailing down exactly what it is your Customer Experience Manager should possess in order to effectively head up the team. Customer experience is not just about customer service, it’s about how the customer uses your product,… Read more »

Steps to Building The Ultimate Customer Success Team

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Customers increasingly look to companies for support, information, and guidance on their products and services. It’s imperative that your company builds a resourceful and valuable customer success team to give your customers the experience they’re looking for. A company does not succeed unless your customer does. Engaged customers tend to buy more, spread more information… Read more »

A Customer-Centric Checklist All Your Teams Should Be Using

Regular checkups are critical to the health of any organization, and ensure that things are running smoothly and that you identify any areas where preventative measures might be necessary to stop things from veering off course before it happens. Customer success teams, especially, already implement certain checks within their processes for exactly this purpose—neglecting the… Read more »

Transform Your Business Through Customer Success


Customer success is a relatively new focus for a lot of companies, and traditionally it’s been the responsibility of marketing to ensure clients are receiving the care and resources they need for a satisfying experience, both during their purchase and through its implementation. But as the impact of customer success is researched more thoroughly, it’s… Read more »

Make the Most Out of Your Customer Success with Kilterly

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Customer success is a complex system, and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. There are multiple moving parts and a variety of factors, so success teams need to be prepared and agile for anything customers might throw at them. We, here at Kilterly, know that not all of your needs or goals will be the same,… Read more »

8 Quick-Win Customer Loyalty Strategies to Start Using ASAP

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If you want to build a thriving business, you need to make one major asset a priority. Your customers. Most companies put all their efforts and skills towards capturing leads, but if you lack in customer success and retention, all those leads who turn into customers won’t stick around for long and will be jumping… Read more »

Why Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty Aren’t the Same

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Almost every company has loyal customers and retained customers, but do they know the difference? There’s a good chance they don’t. Even with some similarities, retention and loyalty aren’t interchangeable. Retained customers may renew your product or service or they may not. Odds are they just haven’t shopped anywhere else or are too invested to… Read more »