Author: Chris Arringdale

Strategies to Improve SaaS Customer Experience

Man and woman looking at computer and discussing strategies on how to improve SaaS customer experience

More and more companies are recognizing and realizing the impact customer experience has on their business. Providing a good customer experience reduces customer churn while increasing renewals, upsells and referrals — which in turn increases overall revenue. 79% of companies that are working to improve customer experience report an increase in their revenue. Delivering an… Read more »

The Golden Rule of Customer Success [Infographic]

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At the center of customer success is the relationship forged between the client and the vendor. When clients and vendors work together for mutually beneficial outcomes, there will be a decrease in customer churn and an increase in upsell opportunities. So how does one establish customer success? Look no further than the Golden Rule: Treat… Read more »

Customer Health Scores: The Mistake in Customer Success

Man and woman discussing customer health scores

If you work in customer success, you know that anything can go wrong, on any given day, and no contract is a done deal until the dotted line is signed. Even the best customers can be wooed by deals offered by your competitor. As a leader in customer success, it’s important to catch clients before… Read more »

How Technology Is Changing Customer Success Management

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In today’s world, the customer rules all. You’ve heard “the customer is always right,” and although this isn’t the entire truth, it does hold some validity. If your customers aren’t happy, your business fails. If their journey through becoming a buyer and a loyal brand advocate is disrupted, it could result in the loss of… Read more »

7 Important Customer Success Metrics For SaaS Companies [Infographic]

work colleagues discussing customer success metrics

Many business models depend on subscriptions and renewals. Their long-term growth is tied directly to customer’s success in their product usage. Customer success departments are becoming the epicenter of a SaaS business’s health. Investing early in this function can have a big impact on your customer success. Take a look below to learn about the… Read more »

Your Customer Churn Action Plan in 5 Steps

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Customers are the heart of your business, if they don’t feel like they’re getting the attention, tools, and service they paid for, they’ll be jumping ship and taking their money straight to your competitors. High customer churn is a challenge that can be conquered with the right strategy and mindset put in place from the… Read more »

How to Transform Your Company With Customer Success

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There has been a recent change in the way customers and businesses are connecting and associating with each other. Customers are now more in tune with technology, more informed and are provided with more options than they were before. They are now the ones in charge and calling all of the shots. They expect a… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Customer Churn

sales professionals customer churn

Customer churn isn’t just about the revolving door, it actually has a huge impact on your business as a whole. Are you equipped well enough to know the issues it is causing? Probably not. But, we have the information you could be missing from your arsenal. The infographic below hones in on what customer churn… Read more »

Genius Ways to Use Customer Success Formulas

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For any business to be successful they have to have clients, right? And to get these customers you need a good product or service that convinces people to use it over your competition. Once your team has accomplished that, it’s time to turn it over to the Customer Success Team. Their job is to proactively… Read more »

3 Client Touchpoints that Create a Captive Customer

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Discussions are becoming more frequent on the difference between customer service and the customer experience. While some use these terms interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two. Customer service is the physical interaction with a company — the service that they experience when they are shopping in a store, returning an item, talking to… Read more »