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3 Customer Loyalty Metrics That Actually Matter

Business woman on her laptop checking customer loyalty metrics

Did you know 67% of existing customers spend more than new customers? So what keeps your customers coming back? Their loyalty to your brand and business. Customer loyalty is a measure of how likely your customers are to purchase from you again. Loyal customers tell their friends and family about their positive experiences with your… Read more »

How to Set up Your Customer Success Program Right, the First Time

A black male consultant working on his computer to set up his customers for customer success.

Customer success has become the key to company success. Keeping a customer-centric approach will ensure a bright future. The benefits are bountiful when your customers are successful including higher returns, happier workers, and reduced stress on your management team. Success is a two-way street, so your customers’ success correlates with your own. The answer is… Read more »

Why Customer Success Isn’t Just for SaaS

A male customer service consultant talking to his client.

A customer success platform doesn’t just play in favor of those who are SaaS-focused businesses. A majority of the qualities and benefits from a customer success software can contribute to non-SaaS companies as well. Any B2C, B2B, or product and service based company can reap in the benefits of an active customer success platform. Every… Read more »

Customer Loyalty: Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Customer success consultants improving the customer's loyalty.

For any business, the wellbeing of every customer is essential to the health and growth of the company. It may sound obvious, but sometimes the importance of establishing a long-lasting relationship with your customers can be overseen. When customers get good value from your product, they feel loyal to your brand. Today, with the rapid… Read more »

Kilterly: Dive Deeper into Customer Success with the Ultimate Management Platform

Customer success manager discussing an ultimate management platform.

We’ve made some exciting updates on the Kilterly platform to give users improved customer success management software. Take a look below to discover what features we’ve added and which products we’ve enhanced! Salesforce Two-way Integration: The Salesforce two-way integration launched at the beginning of March. This integration will allow both Kilterly and Salesforce to pass… Read more »

Customer Success: Proven Solutions for Securing SaaS Renewals

Employee working on their saas renewals at her desk

Do you know why SaaS vendors fail most often? No, it’s not a lack of sales. No, it’s not from a poor product. And no, it’s not from a lack of quality in the product. Failure stems from a disconnect between the customer and the product’s value. It also comes from poor integration throughout the… Read more »

Map the Customer Journey: The Best Route to Retain and Renew Customers [Infographic]

Today customers research, interact with and buy from companies in a faster, more modern way. In order to manage customer journeys appropriately, it’s important to deliver customers the right messaging, at the right moment, on the right platform. This can sound like a lot, but you’ll thank yourself for it later, especially since customer journeys… Read more »

SaaS Customer Success: Is Every Customer a Good Customer?

Male consultant talking to his customer about his customer success plan.

It’s always a great feeling to get a new customer, but are all customers a good fit customer for your organization? Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a bad-fit customer. The question is, do you know what makes a bad-fit customer? Determining the criteria that makes a bad-fit customer is a… Read more »

The BackBone of SaaS: Lock Down the Role of Your Customer Success Team

SaaS customer success team working together at a table.

Your customer-facing teams are important. Think about it. Whether it’s sales, service, success, or support, they deal with your company’s most precious cargo. The customers. Specifically, your customer success team could be confused in their roles since they deal with various business activities revolving around customers. Stiffen up the backbone of your SaaS company. Allow… Read more »

Customer Success Starts with Customer Onboarding

Female customer success consultant meeting with her female client discussing the customer onboarding process.

Don’t you just love sending those emails? Of course, you do but, are you actually giving your customers the onboarding process they need or are you just the sending the obligatory email? Customer success isn’t just applicable to one part of a customer’s lifecycle, it has a place in every step. By incorporating customer success… Read more »