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How a Customer-Centric Approach Will Help Your Business Succeed

Two women co-workers discussing about adapting a customer-centric approach to help their business succeed.

Marketing has undergone a major facelift in the past several years and it has affected the way we achieve customer success. Today, customers are less focused on your company’s stellar products or service and more interested in how your organization can help them meet their needs. Customers are looking for the best value they can… Read more »

Turn the Churn Around: 7 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn Rates [Infographic]

What is customer churn rate? According to Hubspot, customer churn rate is “the percentage of customers that stopped using your company’s product or service during a certain time frame.” More simply, this metric measures the rate of which you lose a customer. So the reduction of customer churn rate means customer retention and a healthier… Read more »

Churn and Burn: Transform Customer Churn Through Customer Touchpoints

Consultant talking to customer on order to retain and improve their relationship.

Companies spend most of their time and revenue attracting new customers and turning them from a lead to a marketing (MQL) or sales (SQL) qualified lead. If you don’t retain the customers you’ve gained, all of your money and efforts are wasted. Customer churn can not only cost you time and money, but it can… Read more »

Do You Know Your Customer Health Score?

A female customer success agent understanding a couple's customer health scores

We aim to help you build up customer relationships and improve retention. Our customer health scores help us do so. However, everyone seems to know about customer health nowadays, but can they calculate it? Check out our customer health score calculator and understand how it works! Want a more in-depth customer health score? Sign up… Read more »

10 Must-Keep Resolutions for Customer Success Managers in 2019

Customer success managers developing 2019 resolutions for their company.

Companies are the most successful when they put the spotlight on customer success and retaining clients over a long period of time. Research shows that acquiring a new customer can be up to five times more expensive than it is to retain one. The success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% compared… Read more »

Customer Success Trends: What to Expect in 2019

Man and woman looking at a tablet for top customer success trends in 2019

Now that 2018 is a wrap, it is time to focus on 2019: Year of the Customer. Many companies go into the year with new goals, aspirations and quotas for the company, but many tend to ignore what makes their company so successful — their customers. Continue reading to discover the Customer Success Trends of… Read more »

The Golden Rule of Customer Success [Infographic]

Woman talking on phone smiling about customer success

At the center of customer success is the relationship forged between the client and the vendor. When clients and vendors work together for mutually beneficial outcomes, there will be a decrease in customer churn and an increase in upsell opportunities. So how does one establish customer success? Look no further than the Golden Rule: Treat… Read more »

Customer Health Scores: The Mistake in Customer Success

Man and woman discussing customer health scores

If you work in customer success, you know that anything can go wrong, on any given day, and no contract is a done deal until the dotted line is signed. Even the best customers can be wooed by deals offered by your competitor. As a leader in customer success, it’s important to catch clients before… Read more »

How Technology Is Changing Customer Success Management

man sitting at his desk with headphones working on his computer

In today’s world, the customer rules all. You’ve heard “the customer is always right,” and although this isn’t the entire truth, it does hold some validity. If your customers aren’t happy, your business fails. If their journey through becoming a buyer and a loyal brand advocate is disrupted, it could result in the loss of… Read more »

7 Important Customer Success Metrics For SaaS Companies [Infographic]

work colleagues discussing customer success metrics

Many business models depend on subscriptions and renewals. Their long-term growth is tied directly to customer’s success in their product usage. Customer success departments are becoming the epicenter of a SaaS business’s health. Investing early in this function can have a big impact on your customer success. Take a look below to learn about the… Read more »