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Steps to Building The Ultimate Customer Success Team

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Customers increasingly look to companies for support, information, and guidance on their products and services. It’s imperative that your company builds a resourceful and valuable customer success team to give your customers the experience they’re looking for. A company does not succeed unless your customer does. Engaged customers tend to buy more, spread more information… Read more »

Customer Success: Being One With Marketing and Sales

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If your marketing or sales team is delivering a message that makes promises that aren’t able to be delivered, then the relationship is doomed from the very beginning. It’s crucial that the marketing and sales departments collaborate and work together to achieve the same message. In other words, this collaboration results in an ideal experience… Read more »

The BackBone of SaaS: Lock Down the Role of Your Customer Success Team

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Your customer-facing teams are important. Think about it. Whether it’s sales, service, success, or support, they deal with your company’s most precious cargo. The customers. Specifically, your customer success team could be confused in their roles since they deal with various business activities revolving around customers. Stiffen up the backbone of your SaaS company. Allow… Read more »

Genius Ways to Use Customer Success Formulas

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For any business to be successful they have to have clients, right? And to get these customers you need a good product or service that convinces people to use it over your competition. Once your team has accomplished that, it’s time to turn it over to the Customer Success Team. Their job is to proactively… Read more »