What You Need to Know About Customer Churn

by Chris Arringdale Client Loyalty, Customer Success

Customer churn isn’t just about the revolving door, it actually has a huge impact on your business as a whole. Are you equipped well enough to know the issues it is causing? Probably not. But, we have the information you could be missing from your arsenal.

The infographic below hones in on what customer churn is, what it means for your company, why it could be happening, how to calculate it and so much more. It’s time to get out of the dark and better understand not only how your customers interact with your company, but also why they are leaving, how much it costs and what you can do about it.

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Take a look below and get the information you need to make your customer experience a success and start retaining clients rather than losing them.

customer churn infographic 2018 worker taking notes on different customer metrics

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