Kilterly: Dive Deeper into Customer Success with the Ultimate Management Platform

by Chris Arringdale Customer Success, Proactive Solutions

We’ve made some exciting updates on the Kilterly platform to give users improved customer success management software. Take a look below to discover what features we’ve added and which products we’ve enhanced!

Salesforce Two-way Integration:

The Salesforce two-way integration launched at the beginning of March. This integration will allow both Kilterly and Salesforce to pass any information held in one system to the other. Customers most commonly share certain areas like scores, notes, cases, and survey results between the two platforms. In addition, new client information will automatically be set up in Kilterly once they reach a certain stage in the sales cycle in Salesforce.

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This integration will help Kilterly customers cut down on the redundancy of sales tasks and keep their finger on the pulse of prospect and deal information. We see this as a crucial integration for our customers.

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Activity Tool:

Kilterly’s activity tool will automatically track all efforts made towards each Kilterly customer. Included in these efforts are the actions made to retain customers such as emails, surveys, and tasks completed through campaigns. Customers will also be able to enter notes into Kilterly, track them, and document any manual efforts made by their teams to retain customers.

Why is this important? Managers and directors will be able to have a clear view of the efforts being made by Customer Success Managers to retain customers.

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Customizable Health Score and Dashboard:

Kilterly’s Health Score and dashboard features already give customers insight into how their users are feeling. Different metrics are essential for different businesses’ health scores. With Kilterly’s new customizable feature, customers can select from various parameters for what they want to apply to their health score and add additional ones in the future. Kilterly will track these metrics and provide a more accurate health score.

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Tailor your dashboard and customer health score to get the metrics you want and care about. This update will aid Kilterly customers to get a quick snapshot of where their customers currently fall in critical metrics.

Upcoming Features

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Expand Usage Tracking Analytics:

Currently, Kilterly offers usage tracking code for customers whose product requires a customer to log in, such as SaaS products. We track the last time their customers logged into their product and the frequency of their logins. Even though these are important metrics to measure for gauging a customer’s product engagement and adoption, we want to take it a step further.

With our product update, we will be expanding the metrics to track the most used features, least used features, time spent on those features, number of users/visitors, who in particular visited or used the product, and for how long. This expansion will help Kilterly customers get a more accurate idea of where, when, and how their customers are using their product.

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Client Filtering and Segmenting:

Client segmentation is a crucial part of customer success management. Kilterly will be expanding our client filters in our client list tool. With this addition, Kilterly clients will be able to segment their customer lists and create campaigns which only apply to specific segments indicated. Having a targeted plan each stage will help move customers along their journey with ease. Plus, these customers are getting exactly what they need.

Start by segmenting your Customer Success Team!

We’re ecstatic to grow and expand our already flourishing platform. To check out the new updates for yourself, schedule a live demo today!

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