Why Customer Success Isn’t Just for SaaS

by Chris Arringdale Customer Success, Proactive Solutions

A customer success platform doesn’t just play in favor of those who are SaaS-focused businesses. A majority of the qualities and benefits from a customer success software can contribute to non-SaaS companies as well. Any B2C, B2B, or product and service based company can reap in the benefits of an active customer success platform. Every business strives to keep its customers engaged, happy, and prosperous right? Take a look at why a customer success platform is key to growth and long term success for your business and customers:

Using Data to Gain Better Customer Insight

Are you able to view and analyze data in a way that will help transform your business into a customer-centric company? Your teams can use the data from a customer success platform to provide customers with an elevated experience and bring more value to the table to ensure their needs are met. Companies can also use those key metrics and in-depth data to create tailored messages to customers based on their personal details and their real-time behavior or product preferences. A customer success platform gives your team the advantage to communicate with your customers at the moment they’re most responsive to your product or service.

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With customer success software in place, you can track and monitor the right metrics and discover your customers’ health scores, which can also determine the right touchpoints your team needs to know to keep your customers happy and engaged. By using behavior-based data, your team can get ahead of the curve and determine what your customers may want next. The information you gather here can also be valuable for cross-selling and upselling. Data can supply your team with the right insight to be proactive instead of reactive, which can lead to long term success with your customers.

Grow Revenue

Every company wants to grow its customer base, but it’s also expensive and timely to acquire new customers continually. The sales mentality is to “Sell. Sell. Sell.” and never look back to past customers. Companies often forgot to look internally at their current customers for revenue growth, especially if their non-SaaS. However, this is where customer success can play a huge role in building that revenue with the customers you already have, even if you’re not a SaaS-focused business.

Did you know?

Around 64% of customers want to shop with companies who can meet their needs in real-time.

Whatever stage your customer resides in, it is of the utmost importance to build and execute a positive customer success experience. Repeat clients tend to spend more money with your company, adding or purchasing products and services over time to further meet their needs. Customers are more inclined to continue using your products if they have previously had a positive experience. Customer success software can help with this, keeping those customers engaged with automated follow-up emails and customer surveys. By using those features, your team will have access to see how receptive your customers are to your products and monitor any cross-sell opportunities to help grow your revenue over time.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Customer success software gives your team the 360° perspective into your customers wants, needs, and interests. It’s the secret weapon your organization can use to ensure your customers are happy and engaged. Your team can quickly identify real-time problems and give the support your customers require. Giving them the attention they seek to resolve issues seamlessly creates a positive experience for them which turns into a foundation of customer loyalty. If customers know that they are in good hands, their commitment to your organization will fall into place.

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With an incredible customer success team to support your customers, their engagement will increase, and their repeat purchases will be high. By providing this experience, your company will create a positive reputation for potential customers to consider.

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