Customer Success Trends: What to Expect in 2019

by Chris Arringdale Customer Experience, Customer Success

Now that 2018 is a wrap, it is time to focus on 2019: Year of the Customer. Many companies go into the year with new goals, aspirations and quotas for the company, but many tend to ignore what makes their company so successful — their customers. Continue reading to discover the Customer Success Trends of 2019 your company needs to zero-in on moving into the new year.

Customer Success Will Become a Priority

Companies realize that the key to success in 2019 is having healthy and strong relationships with their customers. Prioritizing customer success will help expand your sales because of the 80/20 Pareto Rule. The Marketing 80/20 Rule explains it well, where 80% of company sales come from 20% of its customers. Therefore, if companies invest their time and effort in providing excellent customer service, your customers will become successful. They will stay longer and then tell their friends and family about how great your company is. In turn, their customer base will grow, which will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of sales! While that 20% of your customers who provide 80% of your revenue will be the same ratio, your actual numbers will be so much greater because they did the recruiting for you.

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Health Scores & Other Metrics Will Emerge as Unsung Heroes

Something that Kilterly prides itself on is the customer health score feature. You get up-to-date insight and tracking so you know exactly where your customer stands with your company. However, you must select the right metrics for your customer health score. They must be good and bad so you can get the most indicative results possible. Once you have selected the right metrics, you will be able to provide what your customers need. Here are a few key metrics you need to look for when considering your health scores:

  • The overall usage of your product
  • The growth of the account in terms of dollars or percentage of time
  • Their survey results
  • How often they contacted support (calls and/or tickets)
  • Invoice history

Tracking your customer’s health is vital for your company’s growth. With an accurate health score, your team will be able to make decisions for nurturing those who are about to leave or you can upsell to those who are ready and want more from you.

Advocates Will Generate More Power

People tend to trust customer reviews over company promises about their product. Customer advocates can be the greatest asset your company can possess. However, they don’t magically appear overnight. It takes time, effort and mutual advocacy between you and your customer. To reach customer advocacy, they must go through various stages.

  • First, you must provide an enjoyable Customer Experience. Experience is everything for customers. If they enjoy how they interacted with your company, they are more likely to come back to you.
  • Once you create a positive and enjoyable customer experience, customers will enter Customer Success. While this is generally a department, customer success is dedicated to ensuring your customers get what they want and continue to grow with your company.
  • It’s simple math. Customer Experience + Customer Success = Customer Loyalty. Loyalty comes from customers who have an enjoyable experience and are promptly helped whenever they need it by your customer success team.
  • Customer Advocacy is a product of all of the above. This is where you don’t have to ask for reviews or testimonials. Your customers will already be voicing their favorable opinions about your company and products.
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If you follow the Golden Rule with your customers, they will become powerful foot soldiers for your company. Instilling customer advocacy will lead to free publicity for your company and will demonstrate the power of word of mouth marketing.

Educate Your Employees

Your employees must understand customer success inside and out. 2019 will be dedicated to providing the education workers need so they can satisfy the customer base. Customers do not care what department they speak to, they just want their questions answered. Ensuring your team is on the same page and know how to communicate with your customers is the best thing you can do to ensure customer success.

Placing emphasis on your customers is going to take over the business world in 2019. Follow these customer success trends to ensure you have a bright and successful new year! Need help solidifying a prosperous 2019? Contact Kilterly today and help your customers be successful.

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