How Company-Wide Behavior Can Shape Customer Satisfaction

by Chris Arringdale Customer Success

How important is customer satisfaction in your company culture? Put simply: very. The value of your customer success should be tangible throughout your company, emanating out from the CEO and trickling down through all departments and roles. And it starts with one thing: Behavior. So, how do you modify your organizational behavior to focus on the health of your customers? Here’s how to create a company-wide culture of customer satisfaction:

Show Why Customer Success Matters

The relationship you form with your customers begins at the very first touch. It’s extremely important that you give them a stellar first impression of your brand because every interaction moving forward will be painted with the same brush as that first touch. It’s obvious that customers drive the business and that making them as happy as possible should be a top priority, but that can only happen when every department of your organization feels accountable. 

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It’s important to lay a foundation that will help your team understand that when customers ask for support, information, and guidance, everyone can pitch in with their own areas of expertise to help problem-solve. Your company will not succeed unless your customer does, and engaged customers tend to buy more, refer you to others, and in turn be more loyal to your brand. If it seems like a simple solution, it’s because it is. Every role can help demonstrate to customers that the entire company is there to support them. They can do this by showing the following things:

  • Attitude: There are hundreds of companies out there that your customers could go to. Set your brand apart by showing them that the company attitude is all about the customer’s success, not about individual work goals.
  • Trust: Customers need to know you have their best interest in mind every time. In today’s world, consumers value loyalty and trust in a brand. When your customer and your employees are working towards a common goal, you share a unique bond that strengthens satisfaction.
  • Passion: Show your customers that no matter the job your employees have, they’re excited about how and why consumers purchase the product they’re working on, and that they’re invested in the future.

Start Prioritizing Customer Success!

These things aren’t difficult to implement into your company culture, yet they make a serious impact on the company’s bottom line. The happier, more engaged your customers are, the more opportunities your employees have for growth and innovation, and they can see exactly how their work impacts both the customer and the company.

Be Transparent

Don’t keep customer feedback to yourself. What happens when a customer is unhappy? When they’re really impressed? How does their feedback affect your team’s work? By addressing feedback — both good and bad — in a company-wide manner, your business can turn direct input into an actionable plan. An organization that is customer-centric can connect the customer value with the company value. All feedback is informative, which is why transparency about your customers is important. You should be asking:

  • What: What problem or success occurred? 
  • Why: Why was this the outcome, and how can you apply it to your business objectives? 
  • How: How are you going to fix the problem or build upon success? 

Being open and honest is simple. When your teams have insight as to why customer feedback is important and how it impacts their job, they’re more likely to consider the customer in their work.

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Ask For Participation

What expertise does your team have that can contribute to your customer health? Is there a way they could make things easier for the customer or customer experience team? Ask your teams to pitch towards a common goal. It helps facilitate ideas, build accountability, and foster collaboration. Take a proactive approach and ask for your team to get involved rather than waiting for them to offer up suggestions. When your employees have a stake in customer satisfaction, it becomes a priority for everyone.

The best part is that all of these things can start today. By adjusting behavior and leading by example from the top-down, your organization will quickly move customer satisfaction to the forefront of their minds and their work. Kilterly’s platform can help your business zone in on the health and status of your customers and monitor the health and success of your customers for increased loyalty, lower churn rate, and promote a culture of customer. To learn how Kilterly can help your business, reach out to our experts today, or start your free trial now.

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