How to Transform Your Company With Customer Success

There has been a recent change in the way customers and businesses are connecting and associating with each other. Customers are now more in tune with technology, more informed and are provided with more options than they were before. They are now the ones in charge and calling all of the shots. They expect a… Read more »



What You Need to Know About Customer Churn

Customer churn isn’t just about the revolving door, it actually has a huge impact on your business as a whole. Are you equipped well enough to know the issues it is causing? Probably not. But, we have the information you could be missing from your arsenal. The infographic below hones in on what customer churn… Read more »



5 Modern Cross-Selling Techniques to Implement Now

Salespeople aren’t the only ones closing deals these days. Customer success managers’ (CSMs) roles are focused on helping customers, which in turn creates loyalty and a more successful business. Customer Success professionals can help their companies succeed even more by cross-selling and upselling. Companies put cross-selling and upselling strategies into effect to increase the sales… Read more »



Genius Ways to Use Customer Success Formulas

For any business to be successful they have to have clients, right? And to get these customers you need a good product or service that convinces people to use it over your competition. Once your team has accomplished that, it’s time to turn it over to the Customer Success Team. Their job is to proactively… Read more »



3 Client Touchpoints that Create a Captive Customer

Discussions are becoming more frequent on the difference between customer service and the customer experience. While some use these terms interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two. Customer service is the physical interaction with a company — the service that they experience when they are shopping in a store, returning an item, talking to… Read more »



How Much Do You Know About Client Churn?

Retaining customers is a must for successful companies, but you already knew that right? Your customers are your greatest assets, and the longer they continue to invest in your products and services, the better. But alas, despite your best efforts, customer churn happens. As a company, you need a round understanding of WHY this is… Read more »



3 Detailed Ways to Scale Your Customer Success Team

Every business is unique when it comes to how they handle customer success. Yet all know that effective customer success is an essential activity for them. As companies grow, they also need to grow their customer care and service teams to keep up with demand. Below we’ve listed out 3 strategies for scaling your customer… Read more »