How to Set up Your Customer Success Program Right, the First Time

by Chris Arringdale Customer Experience, Customer Success

Customer success has become the key to company success. Keeping a customer-centric approach will ensure a bright future. The benefits are bountiful when your customers are successful including higher returns, happier workers, and reduced stress on your management team. Success is a two-way street, so your customers’ success correlates with your own.

The answer is simple: set up a customer success program or system. But how? More importantly, how do you know it’s set up correctly? According to CallMinor, preventable customer churn costs US companies around $136 billion per year. With the proper customer success plan in place, you won’t be a part of that deficit.

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Let our article give you the breakdown on how you can get customer success right the first time around.

Focus on Customer Goals

Since customers need to be the focus of your revenue driving strategy, you must focus on what they want. More importantly, what do they want to accomplish? Why did they come to your company?

Rather than focusing on customer goals, many companies place emphasis on profit and revenue. In most cases, profit-focus hurts customer relationships and can lead to higher churn and fewer renewals. If your team is focusing on what your customer wants, they will be more willing to work with you. Building a relationship with your customers will benefit both them and your company in the long-run.

Construct the Right Team

Now that you have what’s essential to your customers’ success, you need to create the perfect team. Your customer success team will serve as the backbone of your company. The team must be compiled of proactive, goal-oriented individuals who won’t rest until your customers are happy. Without the right personnel, no one will succeed.

We pointed out in our customer success playbook the importance of your team members. But what are some qualities these people need to have? Your customer success team must be:

  • Tenacious
  • Coachable
  • Optimistic
  • Active Listeners

Spending time building up your team will ensure a healthy customer success base and, ultimately, an increase in revenue and success for your company. When you lay out the foundation for your team, you will be able to adapt and scale to the demands of your customers.

Onboard Your Customers Properly

When you solidify your team, you can begin onboarding your customers. Customer success starts with quality customer onboarding. Customer experience is everything, so your team needs to ensure they’re brought their customers aboard properly. Don’t believe us? Andrew Chen says you will lose around 75% of new users within the first week of contact. If this doesn’t preach the importance of onboarding, then we are at a loss for words.

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So, how can you ensure your customers are welcomed correctly? Here are a few tips to ensure a successful onboarding experience for your new client:

  • Create a hit list when you initially meet with your prospect. No customer is the same, so making a comprehensive checklist with your client is a great way to establish their goals.
  • Make it personal and casual. Keeping a lax environment when you’re onboarding your customer will eliminate stress on both ends. However, you need to avoid being too laid back; otherwise, it may not come off as professional.
  • Allow your customers to process the information. Giving them time to take it all in and being there for them will only build trust between your team and customer.

Once they’re in your system, you can begin mapping out their path to success. Getting this process down before you start can save your company a lot of money and prevent massive churn. So, what do you think? Want to nail customer success from the get-go? Contact Kilterly today and get things on-kilter.

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