Strategies to Improve SaaS Customer Experience

by Chris Arringdale Customer Experience, Proactive Solutions

More and more companies are recognizing and realizing the impact customer experience has on their business. Providing a good customer experience reduces customer churn while increasing renewals, upsells and referrals — which in turn increases overall revenue. 79% of companies that are working to improve customer experience report an increase in their revenue. Delivering an experience that makes you stand apart from your competitors is the key to driving the success of your company.

In order to improve your SaaS company’s customer experience, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to get there and not only focus on customer touchpoints or places on the map where the customer is interacting with your business. It is important to look at the customer journey from beginning to end. Good customer experience is all about their journey. Let’s take a look!

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Understand Your Audience

To create an outstanding customer experience, you need to understand who your customers are, any concerns or issues they may have, their goals with your product/service, and what motivates them. The best way to understand your audience is to collect information on the types of customers your team deals with on a daily basis. Once the information has been collected, buyer personas can be created. Buyer personas are most effective when they represent real people. This is so that the psychological or emotional elements can be accounted for and have a better impact on the customer experience.

“Personas are not only the starting point in the customer journey conversation, but they also provide actionable insights that are invaluable in filling gaps in the customer journey mapping process that lead to enhanced experiences.”

Sue Duris

Direction, Marketing and Customer Experience, M4 Communications

Map Out the Customer’s Journey

Every customer’s journey should include a map that draws out the beginning of the customer’s awareness of the issue and the end when they make their final decision to purchase your product. Mapping out possible problems your customer may face and providing solutions to the problems will help you stand apart from your competitors by showing the value you can add to their company and how you can improve overall customer experience.

Mapping your customer’s journey will also help reduce churn by solving any potential problems before they even occur. This happens during the onboarding process and is only one small step in their journey. Solving issues before they arise can be complemented by potential customer renewal opportunities in the future. Maximizing satisfaction with customer journeys has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20%, revenue by 15% and lower the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.

In order to meet your customer’s expectations, it is important to not leave them stuck in the middle of nowhere with no direction. Delivering a transparent customer journey will build and strengthen your relationship, resulting in better customer experience and placing your business ahead of the competition.

Implement Customer Feedback

There is no better person to tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of your product than the customers you currently have. Customer feedback is the easiest way for you to discover the flaws and potential opportunities to implement for your product. When customers are asked for their feedback on issues and improvements, they feel of sense of ownership in the company. With this being said, it is important to make feedback a significant part of your retention strategy. Great customer feedback results in positive customer experience and customer loyalty. 70% of companies that deliver exceptional customer experience use customer feedback.

Ways to Collect Customer Feedback

    1. Customer feedback surveys
    2. Email requests for feedback
    3. Online review sites
    4. Social media
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Failing to collect customer feedback can result in frustrated customers. If customers aren’t satisfied with your company and the product you provided to them, the likelihood of them sharing their negative experience with others is very high. 13% of unhappy customers will share their experience with 15+ people.

Your customers’ experience should start from the very beginning of their journey. It is the perfect time for your company to capture their interest, strengthen the relationship and increase loyalty. Doing so will improve customer experience and trigger an increase in revenue and success for your company.

Customer success doesn’t have to be complicated. Get a free demo with one of our team representatives to start improving your SaaS customer experience and increasing revenue and success.

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