How to Transform Your Company With Customer Success

by Chris Arringdale Client Loyalty, Customer Success

There has been a recent change in the way customers and businesses are connecting and associating with each other. Customers are now more in tune with technology, more informed and are provided with more options than they were before. They are now the ones in charge and calling all of the shots. They expect a smooth process from start to finish, pristine customer service and for you to be at their beck and call. If you can’t provide them with what they want when they want it, don’t be surprised when they give your competitors a visit.

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Making Customer Success Your Top Priority

Customer success should be your company’s most important goal and number one priority. Your company does not succeed unless your customer does. People easily get customer success and customer service mixed up. They think that customer success is keeping the client satisfied by answering any questions or fixing any issues they might have as quickly and efficiently as possible. They are wrong. That is customer service. Customer success is proactively working with the client to make sure they are happy from the start of your relationship.

Making customer success your number one priority could trigger a number of things. Customer success can result in an increase in the loyalty and commitment of your current customers. It could also cause an increase in your current customers promoting your product or service through word of mouth to potential new customers, which in turn leads to more revenue and possibly more publicity and media coverage.

Engaged customers tend to buy more products or services, spread more info about your company through word of mouth and are more satisfied and loyal to your brand. It has been found that 96% of marketers agree that customer engagement drives overall business performance.

engaged customers buy more products and services

Three reasons customer engagement scores can help your company:

  • recognize which customers are ready to purchase your product or service
  • identify which customers need more assistance or are in the process of churning
  • know when to cross-sell or upsell and to which customers

So in order to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, revenue and retention, it is essential to keep your customers happy and make sure they are receiving the benefits they signed on for.

Bon Voyage!

As your customer success strategies start to grow, it is essential to understand your customers’ experiences with your products and services. Their experiences will change quite frequently and may need to be altered depending on the place they are at in their life.

Whatever stage your customer resides in, it is of the utmost importance to build and execute a customer success experience without any bumps in the road. Sitting down and planning out your company goals and strategizing different ideas on how to measure customer success is the next step in the customers’ trip to success. Setting these up will help in the long run by providing areas to improve on.

Productive Customer Success Methods

Establish Your Location

It is very rewarding to know where you are and where you need to be when it comes to customer success. There are 5 important areas to start when it comes time to evaluate your customer success approaches: your customer and their processes, business and customer specific key performance indicators, technology and data. The “ideal end customer” needs to be identified first and followed by what is needed to get the customer there.

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There is No “I” in Team

Customer success should be a team sport. It is very difficult, and quite honestly not ideal, for a single person of your team to be responsible for handling all of the customers’ needs. Preventing churn is everyone’s job, but it’s critical for everyone to work with customers. The interaction between you and your customers can be valuable, quick and well-organized, as long as the right system is in play.

Avoid Churn

To avoid customer churn, you need to make sure you are working with your customer from the very beginning to ensure they are fully satisfied and things are running smoothly. Having open and clear communication will also ensure a healthy relationship with your customer. It is also absolutely necessary for your company to have a straightforward understanding of the level of customer success that you will provide to your customers. In doing this, it will avoid any issues further down the road.

Time Management

increase customer satisfaction loyalty revenue and retentionOn a daily basis, customer success managers are assigned many different assignments and tasks. It is part of their role to have the ability to navigate through all the tasks and prioritize. It is crucial that CSMs delegate time in their day to give their first priority tasks 110%. No matter what changes it might throw your way, it is important to focus time on complex tasks without distraction, while still delivering your customers with first class service.

An increase in customer retention and success depend on one thing, you. Your company needs to be fully engaged the first day your customer signs on. The customers need to receive the value they were promised and are expecting. Without ensuring your customers they will achieve their desired outcome while using your product or service, you won’t have loyal customers and without loyal customers, you won’t succeed. Devoted customers are giving you their business and commitment, as well as spreading the word about your products and services which creates referrals. Reduce churn and increase your ability to retain your customers like never before.

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