Kilterly Helps You Create A Great Customer Experience

Continually Monitor customer satisfaction with database intelligence that allows you to stay proactive and stop churn.

Onboard and Nurture customers more effectively to solidify those critically important customer relationships leading to better retention and overall business success.

Give Your Team the tools it needs to reach out at just the right time and create accountability for customer success all along the customer journey.

See Kilterly In Action

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Alvin A

Vice President,
Computer Software

It has been great working with Kilterly and using the product. Great team and great product. I look forward to continuing our relationship and continue to improve our customer & revenue retention.

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Jason D.

Software Engineer,
Financial Services

Customer Retention issues are usually addressed as a question in the past tense – “What happened?” Kilterly helps turn that into “What’s happening?” Which is great when it saves the loss of a customer over some trivial hurdle.

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Matt R

Tech Lead,
Health and Fitness

The point of Kilterly is to give companies the ability to automate campaigns, surveys, tasks, alerts and to give them the data insights to know where the health of their relationship with the client stands.

What Kilterly Offers You:

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Arm your team with the tools needed to onboard and nurture customers more effectively and open the door for cross selling and upselling

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Create well timed and productive touch points that strengthen your customer relationships leading to more widespread brand and product loyalty

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Intuitive, easy-to-use platform that helps your team build a difference making customer success strategy and create accountability around customer retention

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Automate your customer success functions to put you ahead of your competitors with our robust, easy to use campaign management platform

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Gain powerful insights regarding engagement and potential churn using database integrations with software platforms you are currently using, product usage tracking, and our proprietary survey tool that includes a language analyzer that offers a unique window into real customer sentiment

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Tailor Kilterly’s powerful platform to your specific culture and needs. Use all of the tools together or use them individually as appropriate for your specific situation.

Customer Retention Is A Big Deal

Studies have shown that focusing on customer retention has the following benefits:

    1. 1. Revenue increased over an 18 to 24 month period by as much as 80%+
    2. 2. Customer acquisition costs decreased by up to 30%
    3. 3. Total customers increased by roughly 1.5x

Furthermore, regardless of size or type of business, adding a customer success software platform into the mix has proven invaluable for many companies. In fact, many business owners and executives point to the addition of such a platform as the key driver in gaining the proper focus on retention and in creating an unequaled customer experience.

While people are critical to getting and keeping customers, they often lack the appropriate framework for achieving consistent and impactful results. A powerful, yet easy to use software platform like Kilterly can provide just that framework for any business.




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See How Kilterly Does It Better Than The Rest

Get a brief live online demo with one of our customer success managers to see how Kilterly’s powerful yet easy to use platform can help your company achieve newfound levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Remember that we’ll never pressure you to buy anything.