How the Ticketing Score Works

The number and priority level (Low, High, Urgent, etc.) of support tickets can be a good indicator of your client’s comfort level and happiness with you product. Kilterly has created an algorithm that gives you a score out of 100 based on the total number of tickets and the number of high/urgent priority tickets level submitted by your clients.

Every company has different expectations and you will be able to set your thresholds. For example, if a company’s support system is based on calls and emails they may have a very low number of tickets whereas a company that relies on a ticketing system for support may have a very high number of tickets. Kilterly will use the threshold you set to decide what is considered a “Low Scoring Client”. You will be able to click on the “View Now” button next to the Low Scoring Clients number to view those clients. This will give you the chance to be proactive and solve the issues before they have gone too far and the client churns.