How the Usage Score Works

The purpose of the Usage Score is to show whether or not the client is engaged in your product. This piece of Kilterly will only apply to companies that have a product that requires logging in, such as Software as a Service. Kilterly created an algorithm that will calculate a score out of 100 based on the last time a person logged into your product and the frequency of them logging into your product.

Like the Ticketing Score the expectations for a client logging in are different for every company. There may be seasonality involved with the product, so the clients may only login once every few months, but some companies may expect clients to login nearly everyday. Kilterly allows you to create a threshold based on your expectations for clients logging in, which plays a part in calculating the Usage Score. On the dashboard you will also notice the number of Low Scoring Clients. By clicking the View Now button you’ll be able to see the specific clients that have fallen below the threshold you set for usage.