How to Create Email Templates for Campaigns

Step 1: Before setting up the campaign you must create any email templates that will be involved in the campaign. Start by logging in and clicking on the Campaign link. Next, click on the “Email Assets” tab and then click the “New” button on the top right of the page.

Step 2: After you click the “New” button you’ll be able to enter the template name and subject line. You will also see a checkbox asking “Is this for a survey?”. If you check that box this template will appear as a template used specifically for surveys and will include a link to complete the survey. Last, you will enter email content in the box below. The content can be HTML or simple text. You can also include data variables by clicking on the links to the right of the content box. This will automatically pull the data from your account.

Once the email template is finished click the “Save & Exit” button on the top left of the page and it will appear in the drop down for you to select when creating campaigns.