How To-Dos and Alerts Work

To-Dos and Alerts are two different things. To-Dos are tasks that have been assigned to you in a campaign and Alerts are there to notify you of a client’s poor health score, poor survey ratings, etc.

Step 1: The To-Dos and Alerts bar will appear on the right side of the screen throughout Kilterly and can be opened at anytime. When you are ready to view the To-Dos click on the To-Dos tab.


Step 2: After clicking on the To-Dos tab on the right side of the screen they will open up for you to view. It will tell you what your To-Do is and you will be able to either mark the Task Complete or Dismiss the task. However, if the task has been complete it’s important that you mark it as complete, because that may be a key step in a campaign.

Step 3: To view the Alerts click on the Alerts tab on the right side of the screen. Once you click on the tab the Alerts will open up for you to view the message. Once you’ve read the message and taken the necessary actions click on the Dismiss button to remove that Alert from the list.