How to Setup a Client List

Kilterly has triggers to kick off a campaign, but the campaign may not apply to all clients. Because of this Kilterly requires that you set up client lists to include the clients to which it applies. However, you can include all clients within a list.

Below are the steps to create a new client list.

Step 1: To set up a new client list login and click on Clients in the navigation. Next, click on the Client Lists tab. Once you are on that tab click on the New button at the top of the page.

Step 2: Next, enter the name of the list and then either search for particular clients or use the filter find similar clients and then check the box next to any clients you would like to include in the list. Once you’ve selected all of the necessary clients click on the Save & Exit button on the top left of the page. Once the list has been created it will appear on the Client Lists page and will be available to be selected for a campaign.