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Retain customers like never before.

Become a Customer Retention Machine

Are your customers ready to up their spending or are they one step from leaving? Kilterly’s customer success software will give you a clear gauge on the satisfaction and desires of your customers. Increase loyalty, upsell, cross-sell and defend against churn all with the power of data, predictive analytics and automated communication. Customer success management just got easier with Kilterly!

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Kilterly’s dashboard allows your customer success teams to easily visualize the behaviors and satisfaction of clients. The simple and intuitive organization presents the data and insight your team needs to make the best customer success decisions.

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Score Dips Below

Customer satisfaction is measured on an ongoing basis using our database integrations and proprietary survey tool that allow a window into your customers’ mind. By assessing ticketing activity, product usage patterns, customer sentiment and NPS, Kilterly identifies levels of satisfaction and engagement. When a customer satisfaction score dips below your specified rating threshold, the automated client success platform kicks into action.

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Auto Workflow

The client success platform creates task assignments and kicks off email campaigns, all configured and designed by your customer success team. These customer engaging responses ensure customer relationships are properly nurtured. It’s a powerful, easy to use customer communication platform that will transform your customer success management strategy into a retention machine.

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Of course, there is nothing more engaging than real humans helping real humans. While Kilterly’s automated campaigns create important touchpoints, your customer success representatives will likely need to be involved with ongoing customer contact and relationship building. You can create task assignments that put specific work-offs in place that reps need to complete. Kilterly can help make your customer success team more efficient and effective!

Don’t Let Customer Satisfaction Get Off Kilter

Find out what is increasing customer loyalty and what is holding your company back from customer success equilibrium. Kilterly holds the answers you never knew you needed.