google natural language

Company Profile

Google Natural Language reveals the structure and meaning of text both through powerful pretrained machine learning models in an easy to use REST API and through custom models that are easy to build with AutoML Natural Language BETA.

Google Natural Language Features Include:

  • Insight from your customers
  • Multimedia multilingual support
  • Content classification relationship graphs
  • Best of Google deep learning models

API features:

  • Syntax analysis
  • Entity recognition
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Content classification
  • Integrated REST API

How to Connect Google Natural Language and Kilterly

  1. Kilterly is automatically integrated with Google Natural Language, so no work is required on your end.

Integration Results

  • Because we are integrated with Google Natural Language we are able to measure the client’s sentiment within our surveys.
  • Google Natural Language will analyze the words and phrases in the open-ended questions in our surveys to give a positive, neutral, or negative client sentiment score.