Churn Defense Dashboard

The customer churn dashboard allows you to manage and monitor your customers’ satisfaction and behaviors through insightful data, helping your team make the best decisions based on your customers’ needs.

Retention Rate Calculations

Ticketing Score Status

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Client Usage Score

Health Score Average

Want to know how well your customer success team is performing? The health score average allows you to monitor the averages of your ticketing score, usage score and net promoter score (NPS) all in one place.


Stay up to date on all of your tasks. Kilterly alerts you of ongoing tasks that have been created through the campaign management platform and are integrated with your client’s phone number and email.


Kilterly sends alerts to your customer success team, based on the status of a customers’ health, ticketing and net promoter scores, helping your team to settle problems before they arise.