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About Kilterly

Kilterly, LLC provides customer success software to small, medium and enterprise-sized companies. We provide insights that empower companies to better cross-sell and upsell while building and maintaining a healthy customer success strategy. Customer retention is the bedrock for the growth of a company. In order to retain clients, it is important that they are engaged and satisfied. We tell you when things are off-kilter.

Customer Success Platform

Our customer success platform doesn’t just report on the health of customer relationships, it provides actions. With a healthy balance of proprietary features and useful integrations, Kilterly gives your company a window into the thoughts of customers while providing tools and tactics to substantially boost satisfaction and retention. For more information visit:

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Kilterly, LLC


Kilterly, LLC


Chris A

Chris Arringdale

Co-Founder & President

Available for interview: Yes

Chris’ passion started at Iowa State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management. Chris honed his marketing and customer success skills through his first few jobs before co-founding ReviewSnap, a highly successful cloud-based Performance Management tool, in 2010. In 2017, he put his entrepreneurial and managerial skills to work when he co-founded Kilterly. Chris intends to make Kilterly the leader in customer success software by delivering an outstanding product and world class service to all of its clients.

“We started Kilterly to help businesses make genuine connections with their customers and this all begins with customer success. We know that customer retention is a bedrock for business success and our platform has been designed to help teams be proactive and solve problems before they emerge.”

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Dave Arringdale


Available for interview: Yes

Dave Arringdale holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Iowa State University. His diverse business background includes working in established large and small businesses, as well as founding several highly successful start-up businesses.

Dave has led significant turnarounds, the most recent of which was as CEO of a midwestern technology and manufacturing company. He was also the founder of Applied Training Systems which acted as a parent company to several businesses including Reviewsnap, a highly successful Software as a Service performance management platform. As a co-founder of Kilterly, LLC, he has been actively involved in its development and successful launch.

“I am proud to be a part of this SaaS-based company as it strives to be a leader in customer success management software services and to help businesses develop stronger relationships with their business or consumer clients leading to better retention and cross-selling opportunities.”

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Fact Sheet

What Kilterly is:

Kilterly is customer success platform built specifically for customer success and marketing teams who want to upsell, cross-sell and proactively reach out to their clients to build strong, long-lasting relationships.


Kilterly’s mission is to provide insights that empower companies to better cross-sell and upsell while building and maintaining a healthy customer success strategy.

What Kilterly does:

Kilterly, a customer success platform, provides important insights into customer engagement and satisfaction. It pairs insightful ticketing software and usage data with NPS scores to create a customer engagement health score providing organizations with clarity on the needs and desires of their users so they can empower their team with data and automated campaign tools to create powerful and effective ongoing dialogue with your customers. Doing so will increase retention and provide upsell opportunities.

Fast Facts:

  • Proactivity. As much as possible, Kilterly wants to be solving problems before they appear. They are energized by the ability to tell the future and knock down obstacles.
  • Heart. Customer success is rooted in genuine connections. Without heart and empathy for our clients, Kilterly cannot begin to understand what they need and want in order to fix their problems.
  • Growth. Kilterly grows with our users, ensuring continued support while their client rosters increase and product/service offerings develop. Maintaining positive branding and revenue channels is the goal of a client success platform after all.
  • Curiosity. Kilterly thrives on shedding light on the unknown, and it requires an abundance of curiosity. Seeing patterns, tapping into human nature and making the unpredictable, predictable is their passion.

Elevator Pitch

“Kilterly is a customer satisfaction platform that pairs insightful ticketing software and usage data with NPS scores to create a customer engagement health score.”


Kilterly is founded on the belief that a company should have all the tools and information available for proactive ownership of their own customer health and strategy. Kilterly offers a crystal clear window into customer engagement, including upselling, cross-selling and churn defense. From usage metrics to internal response tracking, Kilterly is a sounding alarm and first responder in customer success obstacles. With Kilterly, your customers will think you can read their minds.”

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