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Give Your Customer Success a Health Check

Wouldn’t it be nice if your customers told you exactly how they felt about your company, service and/or product? For every vocal reviewer, there are at least a few silent sufferers, maybe hundreds. Kilterly is a customer satisfaction software that pairs insightful ticketing information and usage data with NPS scores to create a customer engagement health score.

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Learn Facts

Kilterly’s deep look into your data allows your customer success team to clearly see what customers are engaged and what customers are at risk of churn.

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Empower Teams

Our customer success platform highlights customers who are receptive to upsells and cross-sells, as well as what obstacles are preventing the satisfaction of others.

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Automate Solutions

Customize automated emails, workflows and tasks to ensure timely and proactive communication. This critical element will help separate you from your competitors.

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Gain Loyalty

Did you know 81% of US consumers feel loyal to brands that are there when they need them? With Kilterly, you’ll be able to nurture and retain all important customer relationships.

Comprehensive & Predictive Data

Want to read your customers’ mind? Kilterly pairs ticketing software and usage data with net promoter (NPS) scores and customer sentiment data to give your team a deep look at the health of each customer’s engagement and satisfaction. All this data is housed in your dashboard so that any member of your customer success team can use it to identify issues and opportunities. We’re talking a crystal ball in only a few clicks.

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Make Success a Cycle

We all know how much more cost-effective retaining and upselling existing customers is compared to acquiring new relationships. Happy customers remain loyal, buy more and tell their network. Now, imagine if you had a client success platform that could tell you which customers could benefit from more services or were close to leaving. With Kilterly, your team can easily build a healthy customer success strategy with automated churn defense and response.

Built-in Features & Useful Integrations

When you work with Kilterly, you’re working with Kilterly and not some collection of third party providers. Our customer success software houses industry-leading proprietary features like survey and campaign development and management. You’ll know exactly who to contact when you have questions or need assistance and advice. And if your team has great tools and processes in place, rest assured. We’re constantly building integrations with widely used platforms you know and love!

Churn Defense Dashboard

Customer success is centralized in Kilterly’s easy-to-use dashboard. The best customer success is driven through team effort and we make collaboration simple and effective with everything you need in one, customizable place. Everything from health checks, predictive data and recommendations are a quick click away.

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Ticketing Score


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Automation & Response

The best defense is a good offense. Your team can build workflows that trigger automated communication and task lists when your customer needs it most. Send scheduled communication, do a quick check in to be sure they don’t need help or, worse, are ready to move on to your competitor. Kilterly helps you nurture those important customer relationships. Ongoing communications triggered by date, events or shaky customer health scores can have a dramatic and positive impact on retention. All of our robust modules can be used together or individually, as you see fit.

Are You Poised for Customer Success?

Or is something a little off kilter? Our platform will ensure you have all the tools and resources you need to keep your customer success strategy even keeled and on track.