Kilterly, The Relationship-Building Software

Supercharge Your Customer’s Engagement with Kilterly

But How Can Software Build Relationships?

By providing tools for proactive communication tactics that customers love (and telling you when things are off-kilter), relationship-building through software is where it’s at. With Kilterly, you can predict who’s ready to churn and which customers are ready for a cross-sell. But it doesn’t stop with just knowing how to delight your customers, Kilterly helps you reach out at just the right time with automated emails, workflows and tasks — each customized to your company.

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Learn Facts

Kilterly’s deep look into your data allows your customer success team to clearly see who is engaged and who is at risk of churn.

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Empower Teams

The platform highlights customers who are receptive to upsells and cross-sells, as well as what obstacles are preventing the satisfaction of others.

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Automate Solutions

Kilterly uses those findings to help your team reach out at the right time. Customize automated emails, campaigns, tasks and surveys to ensure timely response rates to your customers.

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Gain Loyalty

Did you know 81% of U.S. consumers feel loyal to brands that are there when they need them? With Kilterly, you know when your customer needs a little attention or room to do their work.